Sandcastle Release 1.9 | Sandcastle

Sandcastle Platform Updates:

  • Create google news sitemap - As requested by Audience Development, update RSS feeds and build news sitemaps. In the case of PopSci, the site lacks a news sitemap which results in its exclusion from Google News.
  • Add video channel playlists to include
  • Latest video - When this option is selected the video channel node (on the front-end will display the latest video from the site’s parent label
  • Most Popular video - When this option is selected the video channel node (on the front-end) will display the most popular video from the site’s parent label
  • Video embed token - Selecting this shows the embed field that currently exists
  • Add twitter card meta tags - As requested by Audience Development, add twitter card meta tags HTML to webpages. This will allow brands to attach rich photos, videos and media experience to tweets from website content.
  • Implement sponsored content - Implement sponsored content designations to include visual differences for on-page content and within content listings (i.e. sponsored content text, different colored background) -- as well as the ability to expire it, and query against all sponsored content within the CMS.
  • Update open graph meta tags - As requested by Audience Development, update open graph meta tags to include the article: publisher tag. This will add a "like" button to news feed posts for non-fans. Facebook is now recommending an image size of 1200x630 pixels, or at least a minimum of 600x315. Modify the size requirement for og:image so that Facebook does not default to a tiny thumbnail in the post.
  • Separate primary channels from menu

Administration Interface Changes:

  • Configure AMS for sandcastle for webform sweepstakes functionality
  • Incorporate additional configurations

User-facing and Performance Changes:

  • Remove photo gallery widget from all right rails
  • Remove social media widget from all right rails
  • Fix for content search search filter
  • Fix to hide text format selector when using custom HTML cell
  • Fix to repair Bonnier analytics module for omniture plugin
  • Fix issue for ad ops permissions to edit tag pages
  • Fix to remove references to missing images
  • Fix webform error with insert image button
  • Fix webform missing instructions
  • Fix webform right sidebar presentation options
  • Fix webform error message / instructions
  • Only have one custom page content listing with a pager at a time
  • Add output file paths for attachments

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