Sandcastle Release 1.8 | Sandcastle

Sandcastle Platform Updates:

  • Add 'smart app banner' to promote digital product: As requested by Consumer Marketing, allow for smart app banners to promote the availability of digital editions to display atop the website when viewed on an iPad. The user can dismiss the banner, or interact with it to download the digital edition. No editorial involvement is required.
  • Add ad keyword "video" on video channel pages & Add ad keyword "video" on basic content pages with video: As requested by Ad Ops, automatically assign a "video" tag to all video channels and basic content containing video. The presence of this tag will allow Ad Ops to exclude non-pre-roll video advertisements (i.e. Genesis, Zedo) from also serving to the page and interrupting the user experience with the embedded video player.
  • To allow more flexibility to the Design team when working on sold or sponsored projects, CSS and Javascript field have been added to all nodes.
  • Implement Circ ADventure positions: As requested by Audience Development and Consumer Marketing, implement core ADventure positions on Sandcastle including, Top right 001_topRight_250x90, Right rail 005_rightRail_300x250, and Footer form 006_footerForm_970x250.
  • Script to update Director roles: A script has been written and applied to all sites to update Director roles to include the 'Editor' role. This enables a Director to have all the permissions that the editorial staff can have in addition to Director role permissions.
  • GPT Duplicate Keywords: Bug fixed to prevent duplicate keywords from appearing on pages with titles that match the term they are linked to.
  • Facebook Website Retargeting Pixels: As requested by Audience development, add a tracking pixel to the footer of all Sandcastle website templates, allowing us to retarget website visitors with ads on Facebook. This will be a powerful addition to our targeting capabilities on Facebook, particularly for sold campaigns.
  • GPT - Blogs zone and kw targeting: Bug fixed to change the keyword associated with blogs from 'blog' to 'blogs'.
  • Genesis Sandcastle - implementation: As requested by Ad Ops and Sean Holzman, enable Ad Ops to serve Genesis interstitial video ad units on any content page, excluding video pages.
  • Zedo inline ads: As requested by Ad Ops and Sean Holzman, we've added Zedo script to insert inline video advertisements into content. Ads will appear below content and above social widget. The Zedo script will not run on content that contains video embeds.

Administration Interface Changes:

  • Add admin tabs to video channel node: Created the ability for an editor to edit a video channel directly from the channel itself. This will slim down workflow as well as make it much easier to know if you are editing the correct node.
  • Add description to "Items per row" in content listing: To give a better understanding of how "Items per row" in content listings operates and can be used, a description was added to the field.
  • Add Search Filter to Content Search: Users will have the ability to search for content that was upgraded from basic content into a custom page.
  • Meta Tag Tab added to Multi-Blog: Blogs will now have the ability to display the appropriate meta tags with the addition of a Meta Tag Tab to the multi-blog pages.

User-facing and Performance Changes:

  • Unpublished content no longer contains the message in the admin bar: Bug fixed to make sure that a user is notified if a piece of content is 'un-published'. The user will be notified at the bottom of the page in the edit bar.
  • Ads do not consistently change sizes when browser re-sizes: Bug fixed to make sure that ads will appropriately change sizes when coming back from mobile to desktop.
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