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Sandcastle Release 1.7

Information about the seventh release of Sandcastle

Sandcastle Platform Updates:

  • Increase Content Presentation Options (i.e. Upgrade 'basic content' to 'custom content')
  • This is the most significant advancement. When creating an article in Sandcastle currently, the templates have a right rail; by default, video players and photo galleries can be anchored to either the top or the bottom of the content well. With this upgrade, editors will be able to utilize article templates with and without right rails, have greater control over the positioning of multimedia elements. Combining this flexibility with the new capability to clone content (details below) will allow editors to work with the digital design team to create templates their every day content. In advance of the Pop Sci launch, we will work with the editorial team to pre-build templates for DIY, interactives / infographics.
  • Long-form feature presentations with granular control over custom-styling will be created outside of the CMS and inserted within an open template, much like the Yahama-sponsored presentation for Field & Stream.
  • Update video channel pages to include Outbrain code
  • Add Outbrain code to video channel pages. This will allow Outbrain to reference video content that has been displayed on Video Channel pages with more efficiency for recirc. In many cases this will include a brand's most recent video content.
  • Allow Editors to Clone Article Pages
  • When an editor creates an article presentation (optionally working with Web Dev) that he/she likes, it can be cloned with the click of a button. This presentation option can then be reused for other content without being rebuilt from scratch. Essentially, brand teams can build out a pre-populated library of templates with new ones. This clone functionality will need to be used judiciously, otherwise the library can become littered quickly. This is likely a function that will be restricted to a digital director.
  • When a page is cloned, the new piece of content will display the current date for publishing and will copy over all content, configurations, and cells from the original page. At this point the editor can edit any or all pieces of content. Images currently do not copy over.
  • Update the content listing cell to include multiple terms, term exclusion, and offset listings
  • Multiple Term Association: When building a content listing (i.e. query to return content with a certain tag), editors will be able to select 2+ tags at once. (i.e. all articles tagged both 'military' and 'drones' OR all articles tagged 'military' or 'drones')
  • Exclude Content: This will allow an editor to easily remove content from listings that may no longer be relevant or do not belong in the listing. (i.e. all articles tagged 'drones,' except those articles also tagged 'military')
  • Offset Content: Content listing cells need to allow offset content in listings. This will allow an editor to remove a specific number of content from the listing. This will help preventing multiple listings from showing up on the same Content Hubs when dealing with 'Most Recent' content in multiple areas

Administration Interface Changes:

  • Changed the name of Custom page to Content hub
  • This is to help prevent confusion between content that was originally Basic Content or Term pages and content that was created as a 'Custom Page' from the start. Content Hubs will do everything that Custom Pages do now and will be called 'Content Hub' going forward.
  • Basic Content that is upgraded will be included in content listings. Term pages that are upgraded will be able to be listed as Primary and Additional categories. Current Custom Pages / Content Hubs will not be part of content listings or categories.
  • Update the primary category drop-down to be required
  • As requested by Audience Development, the selection of a primary category will be required in order to publish new content. Currently, it is not required which means if an editor overlooks the step in the workflow of posting an article / gallery, the URL structure will be missing a category and, more importantly, that category will not be passed to Omniture. This becomes one less thing for the editor to remember to do.
  • Custom HTML cells can now be edited by Directors
  • We have opened up the ability to edit custom HTML cells to users on the site who have the 'Director' role or higher. Please note that these cells should be used sparingly as content inside will not be used when creating RSS feeds and can affect the look and feel of your site when being responsive to different devices.
  • Display Social option for Basic Content
  • Users will not be able to toggle the Social toolbar on Basic Content. When enabled, the toolbar will display regardless of layout chosen in the presentation tab. It will appear directly below the byline and below the tags of the primary content.
  • CSS ID field has been removed from custom HTML cells
  • The CSS ID field has been removed from custom HTML cells since the functionality was redundant and less optimal as the new new cell style feature.
  • Styles have been added to each cell on a Custom Page and Content Hub
  • Each cell has been given a new drop down field that allows the editors to select a specific style to be applied to that cell. Each style can be unique to each site and should follow the rules that were specified when the style was created.
  • Make content dividers optional
  • We will be adding an option to each section that will provide editors the ability to add (or hide) dividers that help separate content on hubs. Currently each section automatically creates a divider and this may not be optimal. This option will be disabled by default as it is expected to be hidden more often than not.

User-facing and Performance Changes:

  • Add server memory for SAN sites
  • Fix for markdown bug in summary - content listings will automatically display first available text content
  • When a summary is not used by the editor, content listings will automatically display the first 160 characters. Previously, it would count the first 160 characters of an image token when that was added at the start of the body field. Content listings will now skip image tokens and pull the first 160 available pieces of text content.
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