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Sandcastle Release 1.5

Information about the fifth release of Sandcastle

Sandcastle Platform Updates:

  • Mini-panels have now been exported to code.
  • The primary channel URL alias token has been updated to use the main menu items destination URL alias. This will allow users to name channels differently than the URL path that is given to associated content.
  • Feed Builder is now available, allowing brands to control their RSS feed content structure. < Moved to v 1.6
  • Outbrain Video Recommendation tool will now be available for Basic Content. < Still needs front-end work
  • Mobile Ads are now available by default on Term pages.
  • Work to improve and cleanup the Omniture Plugin.
  • Basic Content's structure has been improved to allow for more flexibility with design.
  • has been updated to operate asynchronously, allowing the site to load faster and not lock up upon failure.
  • The Transliteration module has been installed. This will automatically convert accented characters in the URL to unaccented US-ASCII characters. For example: é to e.
  • The byline element structure has been improved to allow for more flexibility with design.

Administration Interface Changes:

  • Links will now automatically set themselves to open in a new window if they are referencing a URL that is not part of the site’s primary URL. All links that remain inside the primary will open in the same window. For example: will open in a new window. will open in the same window.
  • Editors will now be notified when another Editor is working on the same piece of content at the start of editing.
  • Term pages will now include the Media, Presentation, and Sponsorship tabs.
  • When a Term page is upgraded to a Custom Page, the inline tout options will now be hidden.
  • Custom Page Ad Cells have been modified to allow for Tablet and Mobile only ads.
  • Users are now able to use both the Author and Credit fields when editing Basic Content. The Author field will still reference Author terms, while the Credit field will display exactly what you enter, including basic HTML.
  • The Summary field will now display a more accurate description as well as a character counter that displays exactly how many characters you have entered.

User-facing and Performance Changes:

  • When users enter an invalid URL for a video, the link will now fail gracefully.
  • Mobile users will have an improved experience when selecting links that have children as parent menus will not click through automatically.
  • Sandcastle’s search experience has been improved, displaying the number of results found and the specific term that was use in the previous search.

1.5.1 Update:

Sandcastle Platform Updates

  • Byline element structure has been updated to allow for more customizable layouts and formatting.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented thumbnails from appearing on IE browsers.

1.5.2 Update:

Sandcastle Platform Updates:

  • Image cell title's will now properly display single quote characters correctly.

1.5.3 Update:

Sandcastle Platform Updates:

  • Channel Token in Omniture Module will now populate properly

1.5.4 Update:

Sandcastle Platform Updates:

  • YouTube URL in the social widget was going to /null.

1.5.5 Update:

Sandcastle Platform Updates:

  • Sandcastle has the ability to load 'mobile only' ad cells on both its Term Pages and Custom Pages. These mobile only cells are hidden when viewing a Sandcastle site on Desktop. Currently, there is a bug that does not remove content dividers around these cells when viewing on sizes larger than mobile. This Hot Fix will correct the issue of the dividers showing when the cell is hidden so the cell is truly hidden as intended.
  • Two new 300x100 ad positions have been added within the right rail, directly above and below the Social widget. These positions are optional and will be pushed as disabled by default.
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