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Sandcastle Release 1.12

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Sandcastle Platform Updates:

  • SAN-652 Multi Blogs: Permission & Role Restrictions - Several updates that will build upon the Blogger role and give more control for the brands concerning their blog channels and or network including:
    • SAN-656 Fix author image bug where author image does not display
    • SAN-658 Multi blog update promotion scheduler
    • SAN-660 Multi blog site wide configurations - Changes to blog default settings, ability to turn on/off content auto-publishing and comments.
    • SAN-661 Multi blog publish schedule - Allow bloggers to schedule content publication and access the content overview page but not promote to front page
    • SAN-662 Multi blog file permissions - Allow bloggers to only see or use images that they have uploaded via ‘My Files’ as well as ‘Web’ and ‘Upload’ options
    • SAN-664 Multi blog tagging nodes - Allow bloggers to tag a node with any term that appears in the autocomplete dropdown. Bloggers cannot add new tags, must request from Director +.
  • SAN-897 Turn on 'View own unpublished content' for Bloggers - Allows Bloggers to view their own content even when it has been set to unpublished.
  • SAN-898 Bloggers need access to /admin/content/node - Allows the Blogger role to use a more advanced search and search for specific blogs, authors, titles, and more.
  • SAN-697 Add Smart date feature to timestamp - Smart date will automatically update the user's view of a publish date to be change based on the age of the content. For example if the content was published 5 minutes it ago, it will say '5 minutes ago'. When the content ages into hours, days, and longer, the date will update to match the period of time.
  • SAN-738 Add Primary channel eyebrow to content - Basic Content will now display the primary channel associated with the content directly above the title of the node. If the primary channel is associated a term, the user can select the primary channel and be taken to that term listing page.
  • SAN-161 Bonnier RSS Builder (Phase 1) - Incorporate RSS feed builder module into Sandcastle to support third party syndication partnerships (i.e. Flipboard, Google Currents, Pulse, etc.) cc: Sean Holzman. The Bonnier RSS Builder is a major component for our Sandcastle sites so we can work with our many third party partners and build the appropriate feeds quickly and efficiently.
  • SAN-791 Update Drupal RSS feeds - Update the default drupal RSS feeds on Sandcastle. Currently they only output title & byline but should include title, subtitle, date, author, teaser image, summary. This update will include SAN-75 which is a bug fix to display the Author term selected with content instead of the username of the editor who created the node itself.
  • SAN-341 Circ ADventure menu links - Allows the Circ team to populate the Hamburger menu, Main menu, and Main Sub menu with an ADventure position. Addresses top nav and footer link requests.
  • SAN-596 Infinite scroll on tag pages - These tickets will expand where infinite scroll will appear on tag pages.
  • SAN-790 New update to Genesis code - Update Genesis interstitial code to content pages. As requested by Ad Ops and Sean Holzman, enable Ad Ops to serve Genesis interstitial video ad units on any content page. Video pages would be excluded.
  • SAN-842 843 844 Display blog post headers instead of primary channel eyebrow on blog posts
  • SAN-848 847 Hide main menu upon scroll - At the request of Design, update the main menu to also hide upon scroll
  • SAN-874 Tracking for infinite scroll - comScore (part 2) - Additional changes needed from comScore in order to properly track infinite scroll pages

Administration Interface Changes:

  • SAN-689 Clean up multiple workflows and results for insert image - This update will clean up the work area for editors to help maximize the ease of use when working with images on Sandcastle including:
    • SAN-780 Remove the Youtube tab in the Media module - Searching for YouTube videos within the Media module does not work smoothly. YouTube videos moving forward can be embedded using the ‘web’ tab and inserting the URL to the video.
    • SAN-781 YouTube start time URLs in web tab - Brands should work with JD if using this is desired.
    • SAN-782 Stop auto searching on File name for Library and My Files tabs, search should only begin when ‘Submit search’ is clicked
    • SAN-783 Add caption as search filter for images
    • SAN-785 Hide "Ok" button from the bottom of the media window
  • SAN-708 Clean up content listing options - Clean up to work area for editors to help maximize the ease of use when working with Content Listings on Sandcastle.
  • SAN-763 Custom HTML presentation option for basic content, add field for Directors+ use
  • SAN-880 Add Publish Scheduling to Touts - Ability to publish/unpublish and/or promote/unpromote by specific date and time.
  • SAN-887 Update offset to go up to 50 rather than only 15
  • SAN-891 892 Change to basic content top video, image, and gallery panes. Setting ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ displays for video, image, gallery will no longer span the width of the site, residing inside the content well again. Setting ‘featured’ display for video, image, gallery will allow these panes to span the width of the site, moving the right rail below.

User-facing and Performance Changes:

  • SAN-674 Chrome: Pager functionality does not work - Currently users are only allowed to create a single pager on a custom page and upgraded term page. There is functionality that will automatically turn off the additional pagers on the node, which currently is broken on Chrome. This bug will fix that. As a backup, we already have the system set to throw an error which tells the user that they have more than one pager selected and they will need to correct that before being able to save.
  • SAN-451 Fix Content listing shows same node
  • SAN-764 Fix animated gifs in compact view mode to use image cache - Ensures that best practices for performance are being following in the compact view for content on Sandcastle.
  • SAN-759 Fix for interstitial ad causing header ads to misalign
  • SAN-799 Fix for image not linking for touts that are using teaser layout in content listings
  • SAN-854 Fix for gallery paging on infinite scroll
  • SAN-872 Fix for mobile sticky header breaking on mobile using Safari if cookies are blocked
  • SAN-876 Fix to disable stacking Zedo ads on a gallery
  • SAN-884 Fix missing P1 ad on infinite scroll pages
  • SAN-888 Update placeholder image rendering to include height for ad population, fix for infinite scroll ads
  • SAN-861 Fix on infinite scroll advancing to an image in a gallery carrying the number to the next gallery
  • SAN-895 Fix on mobile the hamburger menu down arrows too large
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